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Where I've Been

Luke Pitney may only be in his 20s, but has experienced lifetimes beyond his years. Born and raised in Rockford, Illinois, as part of his family’s Rescue Mission, he grew up around addicts, homeless people, and a traveling family band. Pitney sites his earliest musical influence being his dad, who was a singer/songwriter and the leader of The Pitneys, which also included his mom, Sherry, two uncles and his brother Zach. “Once I was old enough, I would spend time on the road traveling with them,” Pitney remembers. “Being subjected to all that, you’d think music would be something I would have taken to right away, but I didn’t.”

Pitney’s dad bought him his first guitar at age 12 and he proceeded to learn how to play Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues. However, he didn’t take to his inherited talent seriously until the sudden and tragic passing of his dad in 2005. He needed something to cope. After struggling with addictions and living in the dark for a significant period of time, he hit an all-time low. He found himself in a place where the only thing he had left was a notepad and pen. “I wrote my way out, I truly believe God gave me a second chance at life by giving me the gift of songs.” These songs allowed him to face the ghosts of his past and to begin to heal. He began to share his music with hurting people in hopes that it would bring them encouragement in the same way it had in his life. This began a serious foray into writing and singing. Out came songs about life and love and loss. Pitney says at times, he just feels like a vessel for the songs and they pour out of him when they’re supposed to.

Pitney traveled to Nashville throughout his late teen years and after a short stint living in Music City, where he says he got kicked in the teeth a few times, he eventually decided to hang up his notepad and guitar for good. But thankfully, as hard as he tried, Pitney couldn’t get away from making music.

I was trying to get as far away from it as I could and it still found me.

- Luke Pitney

With the release of his new EP, “Without You,” Pitney has set out to show that he’s still a contender in the fight for hope and doesn’t plan on giving his “Crazy Heart,” a rest anytime soon.


Luke Pitney, "Without You"

The One (Live on Q98.5)
Crazy Heart
Whiskey And You (Chris Stapleton Cover)

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